G Spot Sex Positions

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G Spot Sex Positions

We all know how frustrating it is when you are not able to please your girlfriend or wife. Keep reading and hopefully you will find your solution here!

Umpteen men aren’t able to please their woman and they get really frustrated about it. Well, I can tell you a little secret that will aid you to succeed in pleasing your woman. You will be able to give your woman fantastic sexual climaxes, when you’re able to stimulate her G Spot. You merely have to know how you can find the different sex positions to hit the G Spot. Believe me, you can drive her wild!

What’s the G Spot and where can I find it?
Near the front wall of the vagina is a swollen/rough zone: The G Spot.
When you press and stimulate this spot, you will give your woman a wonderful level of pelasure. This level of pleasure cannot be accomplished just through clitoral contact, it needs more! You won’t face any troubles when you’re trying to find this area during oral sex. But when you’re having conventional sex, it really gets difficult. Still, this lovely spot isn’t impossible to hit. There are a few sex positions that will grant you the opportunity to hit the G Spot during sex. If you desire to hit the G Spot of your woman, you should definitely try the following 3 sex positions.

1. The legs of your woman on your shoulder

In this sex position you have to put the legs of your woman on your shoulder. It doesn’t matter if you’re standing or kneeling. You have open access to the G Spot of your woman, because her legs are spread. This position can be very adventurous, since you can use diverse pieces of furniture. You can as well constantly look your woman in her eyes, which makes this position very personal.

2. Your woman on top

Place your woman on top so that she’s able to control the depth, intensity and pace of sex. In the meantime, you will be able to hit her G Spot and you can also touch her everywhere. Rocking your woman back and forth is a lovely way to stimulate her G Spot. There are several ways to hit this zone, just try to experiment with all the different ways untill you are competent to make her crazy with pleasure.

3. Behind your woman

So, in this sex position you are behind your woman. You can also call this position “doggystyle”. If you’re interested in hitting the G Spot of your woman, you have to let her do lots of the work. Usually you are doing all the work and she’s just accepting it.
If she wants you to stimulate her G Spot, she should press her legs together as much as possible and then force back against you. By doing this, she’ll be the one to find the covered G Spot area.
Some other variation you can attempt that’ll drive her wild is to once again press her thighs together (and having your legs outside of hers) while pushing her down on the bed. That way, you can immediately hit the G Spot. Trust me when I say she’ll absolutely love this position!

Hitting the G Spot of your woman is an unbelievable way to please her, because you will be able to give her earth-shattering orgasms. So if you want to hit the G Spot of your woman, you should definitely test the 3 sex positions I described in this article.

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